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"I also miss Donny and Hayden talking. I miss them lying on the floor looking at price tags of objects in the house or just looking at the ceiling. I liked it when Hayden would tell people that Donny was his dad. Even though Donny wasn’t in Hayden’s alliance, Hayden always protected Donny. This season had people in the house that cared about Donny. That’s what he will notice when he watches all the episodes that I’ve recorded for him. That will mean more to Donny than any amount of money."
– Donny’s brother, Tommy Thompson (via jocayden)

Thursday’s Episode


Frankie/Caleb try to flip the house to evict Queen Nicole

No Jury Footage…

Donny is unanimously voted out of the house

Donny starts crying during his eviction interview

BB decides not to show Nicole’s goodbye message

Caleb wins HOH


when your best friend is having a good time with someone else


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