"you’re so attractive,why are you single?"

i have the answer to that question.
See,we’re the awkward hotties.
The dysfunctional babes.
The adolescents who had to grow into their looks,
the ones who puberty was good too.
We never had time to develop our social skills
boys had the sexual convos with the girls who developed
We were the bookworms,the tomboys and the outcasts.
Now we’re older and gorgeous but we still have “that” mentality
so when people give us attention its like
“who me?”
“is this a joke?”
“umm thank you?”
“go away please”

So,give us time or better yet,buy us pizza,give us access to your netflix account and good conversation.
Maybe we can solve this “single” thing after all

june manson ( million dollar question/trillion dollar answer)

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